Friday, April 16, 2010

The future is behind our back

No one can see the future. It is in back of us and we are walking backwards. If we turn around to see the future it is still behind our head. We can see clearly what has just happened. We can see less clearly what has happened in the distance past (remember). Some of us have better or worse eyes(memory) and we might remember more or less.
Knowing that we cannot see tomorrow , we can be prepared for whatever we imagine could be behind us by looking at the past for what has happened to us or read in a book. We can fasten our seat belts in case there is an accident in the future but we cannot see the future. Probably an accident won't happen but it might. 40 years ago I woke up a widower in a hospital bed three weeks after an auto accident. I picked up the skis My wife and I had purchased from a sporting goods store before the accident, a year after the accident. My wife and I had planned on going skiing the end of the week the accident occured.

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  1. I had not thought of the passage of time during a life in terms of walking backwards.

    I have wondered what life would be like if Dianne should died before me. I have wondered how I would handle what you and mother have experienced with the unexpected death of a spouse.