Wednesday, August 4, 2010

accelerstion of gravity

Ask a technical person what the acceleration of gravity (g) is and they will say
9.8 meters/sec^2 or 32 feet/sec^2
But how fast will I be going in 3 seconds?
Answer 66 mph. The not politically correct g is 22 mph/sec or 34 kmh/sec

I was trying to understand acceleration what does 32ft/sec^2 mean?
What is /sec^2? Oh! It means (32ft/sec)/sec
or 22mph/sec. At 1g each second you are going 22 mph faster.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Curring the economy with a hammer

I have heard that to get rid of a headache hit yourself on the head with a hammer. If that doesn't work the the hammer was too light and you didn't hit hard enough. Get a bigger hammer and repeat the process .... I have also heard that to cure the deficit and jump start the economy, taxes should be cut and expenses on the less fortunate, education and other social programs should be reduced. If this doesn't work then taxes weren't cut enough and too much is being spent on the lazy. repeat the process ....

Friday, April 16, 2010

The future is behind our back

No one can see the future. It is in back of us and we are walking backwards. If we turn around to see the future it is still behind our head. We can see clearly what has just happened. We can see less clearly what has happened in the distance past (remember). Some of us have better or worse eyes(memory) and we might remember more or less.
Knowing that we cannot see tomorrow , we can be prepared for whatever we imagine could be behind us by looking at the past for what has happened to us or read in a book. We can fasten our seat belts in case there is an accident in the future but we cannot see the future. Probably an accident won't happen but it might. 40 years ago I woke up a widower in a hospital bed three weeks after an auto accident. I picked up the skis My wife and I had purchased from a sporting goods store before the accident, a year after the accident. My wife and I had planned on going skiing the end of the week the accident occured.

Monday, March 22, 2010

protests against cuts in education

On the news there were protests against cuts education. It is upsetting when some of the protesters against the cuts were not students or teachers they were called professional protesters. Every Person who has gotten a public education should protest. It is only through education that corporate knowledge is preserved. If this were to happen society would come to a halt.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Corporate Knowledge

A Concept I have thought about is corporate knowledge. That is the knowledge of every person alive combined, the "Corporate body of man". As a person grows he is acquiring a little piece of the knowledge. Everything he sees learns and experiences is part of that knowledge. When a person dies that piece of the knowledge is lost.
The job of the teacher is pass on the knowledge he has to keep it for the future. My father had a brilliant mind and was continuing to invent and share his ideas until his death last year in a stupid accident at the age of almost 92. How much was Lost?