Wednesday, August 4, 2010

accelerstion of gravity

Ask a technical person what the acceleration of gravity (g) is and they will say
9.8 meters/sec^2 or 32 feet/sec^2
But how fast will I be going in 3 seconds?
Answer 66 mph. The not politically correct g is 22 mph/sec or 34 kmh/sec

I was trying to understand acceleration what does 32ft/sec^2 mean?
What is /sec^2? Oh! It means (32ft/sec)/sec
or 22mph/sec. At 1g each second you are going 22 mph faster.

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  1. I like how you put the acceleration of gravity into common and understandable units.

    I hope you don't mind a little of my humor.

    So, my Toyota Echo can out accelerate a Tesla. All I have to do is drive off a cliff! (And what will it do in second gear?)

    32 feet/sec^2 sure sounds less painful!

    So, that's 1320 MPH^2.